Rubber-weiss plasticity testing machine 61-RTI104

Rubber-weiss plasticity testing machine the pressurized heavy hammer slides moves in up and down axial direction to measure the deformation occurred due to heavy pressure hammer displacement. 3 minutes after completion of the test, clock stops automatically, bringing hammer back to normal position. The dial indicator fixed on the top bracket of TRWM-A10 measures the sample deformation caused by heavy pressure hammer displacement.

Temperature range RT 50° to 300°
Temperature accuracy ± 1°
Measuring range 0.01 to 25 mm
Accuracy ± 0.01 mm
Load 49 N ± 0.05 N
Counter LCD display
Dimension 350×350×350 mm
Power AC 220 V, 5A
Net weight 53 kg
  • Pressurized heavy hammer lifting mechanism control, wrench pressing
  • Thermostat for controlling temperature parameters
  • Auto –timer alarm function
  • Digital temperature display
  • Automatic zero reading value for start of each operation
  • Integrated circuit, compact structure
  • High reliability
  • Low power consumption

Rubber-Weiss plasticity testing machine finds applications in rubber & rubber like material industry.

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