Rubber low temperature brittleness tester 61-RTI102

Rubber low temperature brittleness tester measures the highest temperature when vulcanized rubber is damaged due to an impact from test conditions, this temperature is called as brittle temperature. It identifies the difference between non-rigid plastic, flexible materials under low temperature. It also measures the brittle & low temperature performance quality of different types of vulcanized rubber materials.

Temperature range -60°C to 0°C
Temperature accuracy ± 0.5°C
Impact speed 2 m/s ± 0.2 m/s
Temperature fluctuation <± 0.5°C
Distance between center of impact or bottom of gripper 11 ± 0.5 mm
Outer dimension 720×700×1380 mm
Cold well volume 700 ml
Power 1100 W
Net weight 180 kg
  • Analogue display to observe temperature value
  • -60°C to 0°C low temperature range
  • Indications for highest temperature/brittleness test temperature
  • Measurement Material used :Vulcanized rubber & other vulcanized material

Rubber low temperature brittleness tester has applications in scientific research testing, quality analysis, inspection units to measure highest temperature of vulcanized rubber & other materials.

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