Pocket pH tester 25-PPT101

Pocket pH tester comes with 0.0 to 14.00 pH range. Its has flat shape pH electrode. This pH tester has 2 points push button calibration system to automatically identify pH buffer. It is suitable for measuring pH of liquids and semi-solid substance. Pocket pH meter is user friendly in nature & its waterproof performance protects the integrity of the instrument in harsh conditions.

pH measurement range 0.0 - 14.00 pH
Shape of electrode Flat pH electrode
pH measurement accuracy ± 0.1 pH
Calibration point 2 points
Calibration solution USA (pH 4.0/7.00/10.01), NIST (pH 4.01/6.86/9.18)
Data hold function Manual or Automatic
Connector 6 pin
Shutdown mode Manual or automatic ( 8 minutes without key operations)
Dimension (length × diameter) 185 × 40 mm
Weight 100 g
Power type 3 × 1.5 V G13A button battery 3
Battery life About 150 hours
  • pH measurement range: 0.0 - 14.00 pH
  • Flat pH electrode
  • LCD screen display to show the readings
  • 2 points push button calibration to automatically identify pH buffer
  • Auto hold function freezes stable, final readings for better viewing and recording
  • Automatic power off helps to reduce battery power consumption
  • Replaceable electrodes, cost effective maintenance

pH standard buffer solutions (pH 4.0/7.00/10.01)
G13A button battery
Carrying box/case

pH standard buffer solutions USA (pH 4.0/7.00/10.01)
Flat shape pH electrode

Pocket pH tester is suitable for measuring pH of water, waste water, potable water and other liquids and semi-solid substance like gel, agar in enviornmetal monitoring, agriculture, food & beverage industry.

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