Compression tester 61-PPT117

Carton compression tester with 100 mm/min return speed level measures the compressive strength of carton box. The compressor tester, adopted with ARM chip, powerful data functioning system, advanced sensor and automatic tracking system for test operations. The test results are recorded automatically, the real-time display is used to view the test data and is transferrable to computer.

Measuring range 0.1 to 10 kN
Indication error < ± 1%
Platen Size 500×500 mm (customized)
Operating stroke 500 mm (customized)
Compression speed 10 mm/ min
Speed adjustment range 2 to 100 mm/ min
Track & force speed in stacking test 2 mm/ min
Power supply AC220 V ± 10 % , 50 Hz
  • Touch screen display
  • Customized design as per user’s need
  • Use of high precision pressure sensor for accurate measurement
  • Tests the maximal strength of box using ‘Strength test’
  • Data presetting to test the strength & variant of the carton box ‘Definite value test’
  • Stacking test is performed within 12 or 24 hours
  • Adopted with whorl and guide pillar for stability

Carton compression tester is used to determine compression strength & estimate stacking test of transport packages such as corrugated carton, paperboard box etc.

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