Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer 15A-AAS103

Atomic absorption spectrophotometer designed with the latest technology, can automatically accomplish safety ignition and reproducibility of the flame method. The graphic analysis system gives information on analysis of the whole process e.g. measured value, temperature, procedures, time, etc. It consist of hollow cathode lamp to improve the analysis efficiency and accuracy of the flame & deuterium lamp for background correction.

Wavelength range 180 - 900 nm
Spectral Bandwidth 0, 0.2, 0.4, 1.0, 2.0nm (Automatic setting)
Wavelength accuracy ≤ 0.15 nm
Wavelength repeatability ± 0.1 nm
Baseline drift ≤ ± 0.002 Abs / 30 min (Static), ≤ ± 0.005 Abs / 30 min (Dynamic)
Absorbance Range 0 - 4 A
Detector Imported photomultiplier tube
Lamp holder ≤ 6 lamps automatic turret, automatic alignment
Lamp power supply mode pulsed power supply
Optical System large 1800 /mm grating ruling, full closed optical system
Atomization Chamber Polymer explosion-proof spray chamber
Characteristic concentration (Cu) 0.015 μg / mL / 1 %
Detection Limit (Cu) 0.002 μg/mL
Burner Full titanium combustion head, 50 mm or 100 mm general combustion head
Nebulizer Atomizer efficient glass atomizer,can also be customized
Precision RSD ≤ 0.5 %
Ignition Type Microcomputer control, automatic ignition
Gas Control Automatic gas control system
Measurement Flame method, Hydride generation-Atomic absorption method
Concentration calculation Standard curve method(1 - 3 times curve), automatic fitting
The number of repeated measurements 1 to 99, automatic calculation of average concentration, standard deviation, relative standard deviation.
Print results Print the final stages of test data or analysis. The results can be exported into Excel worksheet.
Power supply 110 / 220 V (+5 % ~ (-10) %), 60 / 50 Hz; 5000 VA
  • 1800 /mm reticle (dispersion rate) large area grating Monochromator
  • Titanium burner for the flame analysis
  • Polymer automization chamber
  • Automatic analysis ensures sensitivity and reproducibility of the flame method
  • Light source 6 lamp holder
  • Graphic furnace system gives information on analysis of the whole process
  • Convenient data processing & sharing & printing
  • Powerful software with automatic instrument and additional control

Atomic absorption spectrophotometer is widely used in analysis of elements from the mixture in scientific research, environmental science, metallurgy, agriculture & chemical industry, food, mining, and petrochemical, pharmaceutical industries.

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