Flake ice maker 21-FIM100
Flake ice maker 21-FIM100
Flake Ice-maker machine is a fully automated ice-maker unit with a production capacity of 0.5 ton in 24 hrs. It features complete ice making and dropping process being controlled by a PLC controller. Water sprayed on the inner wall of the evaporator forms ice and the spiral cutter cuts the formed ice which increases the efficiency of the flake ice-maker.

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Ice making capacity0.5 ton/24 hrs
Max. ambient temp.+ 45 ℃
Ice machine size1280 × 1080 × 1850 mm
Cooling wayWater cooling; Air cooling; Evaporating cooling
Supply water temp.+ 23 ℃ to 18 ℃
Condenser temp+ 40 ℃
Refrigeration capacity3.75 kW
Weight160 kgs
  • Spiral skateboard design which prevents damage to ice-blades
  • Continuous butt welding, which prevents deformation of evaporators and reduce the friction of the ice machine
  • Smooth flow, low resistance, reduces energy consumption and improves the cooling effect
  • Dry and sticky ice flakes with uniform thickness covering a large area
Used for food preservation, large supermarkets and malls, chemical dyestuffs, industrial cooling, and distant fishing

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