Ink rubber tester 61-PPT114

Ink rubber tester with benchtop design is used to measure printing ink layers decolorization, rub resistance on low or high printable surface. This tester effectively analyzes the problems of ink decolorization, poor abrasion resistance, photosensitive coating. It helps in identifying the quality of ink and printing method to be used in industry.

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Sample size (L*B) 230×50 mm (can join short samples together)
Rub pressure 20 ± 0.2 N
Friction speed 43 times / min
Friction area (L*B) 155×50 mm
No. of friction 0 to 999, auto shutdown
Dimension 275×302×297 mm
Weight 25 kg
Power supply AC220 V ± 10 % , 50 Hz
  • Determines rub resistance bonding of ink
  • Advanced microprocessor controlled system
  • Quiet rubbing process
  • Rub pressure 20 ± 0.2 N
  • Compact & sleek design
  • User friendly operations

Ink rubber tester is used to test rub resistance bonding of ink on printing materials like labels, papers, designs of folding cartons, corrugated boxes etc.

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