Weak Acid and Alkali Cabinet 47-WAC102

227 L Weak Acid and Alkali Cabinet is a dual walled manual acid and alkali cabinet with 50 mm of insulating air space. Doors are reinforced with a three point latch and manual lock for security. Features two adjustable shelves to accommodate storage for different containers. Inner and outer epoxy resin coating provides durability and chemical resistance preventing corrosion and humidity.

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Capacity 227 L
Door type Dual door manual
Adjustable shelf 2
Dimension ( W x D x H ) 1650 x 860 x 860 mm
Weight 173 kgs
  • Capacity - 227 L
  • Dual walled manual
  • 50 mm insulating air space
  • Three point latch and manual lock
  • Two adjustable shelves

Used to store all kinds of corrosive material or weak acid and alkali, for example: acetic acid, Carbonic acid, phosphoric acid, silicic acid, etc.

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