Laser Particle Size Analyzer 50-LPA200


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Description :

Laser particle size analyzer using air as a dispersion medium is a fully automatic dry dispersion laser particle size analyzer. It is an intelligent equipment that uses laser light scattering principle for measuring over 0.1 μm to 2000 μm particle size range. In addition, it has a new generation dispersion device, high precision feeding device along with high precision-automatic calibration system.

Specification :

Measuring range0.1 μm - 2000 μm
PrincipleLaser light scattering
Test speed< 1 min
Dispersion typeDry-turbulence dispersion
Sample typePowders
Dispersion mediaCompressed air or nitrogen
Light sourceHigh performance He-Ne Laser, λ= 632.8 nm
Operation modeFully automatic
Detector channels no.100 pcs.
Detector arrangementLong-spaced array
Angular range0.0155 - 145 degrees
Optical calibration systemAutomatic
FeedingAutomatic vibration feeding
Repeatability< 1 %
Sample tank volume< 1 %
Software runningWin XP/Win7
Outer dimension (L x W x H)1050 x 440 x 540 mm
Net weight58 kg

Features :

  • Converging fourier transform light path
  • Laser diffraction particle size measurement principle
  • Uses air as a dispersion medium
  • Turbulence dispersion principle ensures complete dispersion of sample
  • High precision feeding device
  • Patent powder spray pump
  • Oil-free silent gas source
  • High precision-automatic calibration system
  • Unconstrained free-fitting technique
  • high speed collection of particle information
  • Test report output and display forms can be designed by the user according to the industry requirements
  • Manual and automatic mode of operation makes it user friendly

Applications :

Dry laser particle size analyzer is used for dyes, pigments, fillers, coal dust, additives, pesticides, explosives, graphite, photographic materials, metal and non-metal powder, carbonated calcium, kaolin and other powder industry