Laser Particle Size Analyzer 50-LPA102


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Description :

Laser particle size analyzer is fully automatic and intelligent particle size analyzer. It makes use of dual beam, stable converging fourier transform light path to determine the particle size distribution from 0.01 µm to 1000 µm. These particle size range is for wet dispersion and it offers reliable and repeatable particle size analysis. This particle size analyzer enables to understand the materials well such as adhesives, polymers, metal powders, minerals, pigments etc.

Specification :

Measuring range0.01 μm - 780 μm
PrincipleDouble laser light scattering
Test speed< 2 min
Dispersion typeBuilt-in wet dispersion
Executive standardISO13320-1:1999
AnalysisMie scattering & fourier transform light path
Sample typeSuspension, emulsion, powders
Light sourceHigh performance He-Ne Laser, λ= 632.8 nm & semiconductor laser, λ= 650 nm
Operation modeFully automatic or manual control, easy to choose
Detector channels no.76 pcs
Built-in ultrasonic functionFrequency: 40 kHz Power: 35 W Time: ≥ 1 s
Agitator Revolutions Speed0-300 rpm (Adjustable)
Circulate rated flow8 L/min
Circulate rated power10 W
Light path alignment systemFully automatic Precision up to 0.1μm
Accuracy< 1%
Repeatability< 1 %
Sample tank volume350 ml
Sample cuvette10 ml
Software runningWin XP/Win 7
Outer dimension (L x W x H)870 × 400 × 450 mm
Net weight37 kg

Features :

  • Wet sample dispersion system
  • Stable converging fourier transform light path
  • Orthogonal double laser beam technology
  • High sensitivity photodetector to improves test accuracy
  • Sample preparation system composed of automatic water supply, ultrasonic agitation , ultrasonic dispersion and circulation
  • Manual & fully automatic modes of operation, easy to choose
  • Fully automatic mode with one key test operation
  • Automatic optical light calibration system
  • High performance He-Ne Laser, λ= 632.8nm as a light source
  • Output parameters D50, D06, D75 D90 etc.
  • Requires calibration once in a year
  • Quick and simple calibration method
  • Unconstrained free fitting technique
  • User friendly

Applications :

Laser particle size analyzer has applications in ceramic, cement industry, pharmaceutical industry & medicines, dyes and paints, pigments, fuel, chemicals, lubricants, lotions as well as food additives.