Laboratory Smart Mixer 10-LSM100


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Description :

Laboratory Smart Mixer is a highly efficient multifunctional mixer with mixing , shaking and vortex intelligent operation. It effeciently mixes PCR plates , deep well plates and micro plates with vortex function of all kind of tubes.Radius and dimensional technology blend in with adjustable mixing speed ensures fast and precise experiment

Specification :

Shaking orbit3 mm
Speed Range300 rpm ~ 3000 rpm
Touch vortex speed3500 rpm
Time Range1 s ~ 99 h59 min ( continuously ) / touch vortex
Working noise< 50 dB
VoltageAC 100 ~ 230 V, 50 / 60 Hz
Power45 W
Fuse250 V, 1 A, ϕ 5 × 20
Dimensions196 × 270 × 170 mm
Weight Weight7.7 kgs

Features :

  • Radius and dimensional technology with adjustable mixing speed for fast and precise experiment
  • Intelligent operational mode with mixing , shaking and vortex
  • Direct placing of 96-well skirted PCR plates, 384-well PCR plates, into the mixer without stand support

Applications :

Used in preparation of PCR reaction system, precipitation suspension , incubation, protein staining , gene assays , premixed reaction system and mixing various kind of tubes