ICP Spectrometer 60-ICP101
ICP Spectrometer 60-ICP101
ICP Spectrometer detects micro and macro elements using argon plasma with an analyzing rate of 15 elements per minute. Results can be achieved with lower levels of detection for qualitative and quantitative analysis. Detection of liquid flow from the spray chamber by optical drain sensor offers exceptional sensitivity and accuracy. Accurate signal-background ratio is attained by advanced control system.

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Wavelength range180 to 900 nm
Elements per minute15 elements
Temperature29 °C
Incident slit25 µm
Standard deviationRSD ≤ 2 %
Correlation coefficient≥ 0.9995 %
Gas sourceArgon ( 99.99 % )
Plasma gas flow meter100 – 1000 L / h ( 1.6 - 16 L / min )
Auxillary gas flow meter10 – 100 L / h ( 0.16 – 1.66 L / min )
Carrier gas flow meter0 ~ 5 L / min
Cooling water flow rate5 L / min
Cooling water temperature20 ~ 26 °C
Water outlet diameter10 mm
Line dispersion rate0.26 nm
Resolving power≤ 0.007 nm
Co-axial sprayer diameter6 mm
Coil diameter25 mm
Double room fog diameter34 mm
Quartz tube torch diameter20 mm
Mirror dimensions80 x 110 x 16 mm
  • Rapid analysis – 15 elements per minute
  • Optical pathway – Czerny-turners
  • Low detection limit
  • Detection of multi-elements including non-metallic
  • Single and multi-element measurement method
  • Indication for wavelength error and repeatability
  • Range of measurement – common to trace
Used in clinical analysis for detection of metals in biological fluids , environmental analysis for trace element detection in water , soil , plants , pharmaceuticals for traces of catalysts and poison metals like Cd , Pb , industries for noble metal detection

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