Solar Eco Freezer 59-SEF301
Solar Eco Freezer 59-SEF301
Solar eco freezer utilizes the power supplied by the solar panel. Fitted with photovoltaic cells, it converts the solar energy into electrical energy. Used during domestic power supply shortage, to keep quality of food safe and to preserve it for long duration.

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Capacity358 L
Load temperature≤-25ºC
Outer rotor compressorFM45DC
Input voltage24 V
Input power82 W
Energy consumption1.17 kW.h/24 h
Dimension1302 × 702 × 876 mm
Net weight48 kg
Gross weight50 kg
Body colourWhite, silver, red
  • Single compartment
  • Thick insulation
  • CFC free refrigerant R134a
  • low energy consumption
  • 358 L capacity
It finds best applications in storage of perishable food items, storage of medicines, vaccines and other medical essentials at proper temperature.

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