Ductless Fumehood 35-DLF101
Ductless Fumehood 35-DLF101
Ductless Fumehood manufactured by Labexpo are easy to locate and install re-circulating fumehood which present an environmentally sensitive solution to personal lab protection. It provides duct-free filtration of air by means of a carbon-filter keeping controlled environments balanced and working to maximum efficiency. It is tested and proven to provide the very highest level of fume containment, even at energy-saving face velocities as low as 0.3 m / sec.

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Exterior Size(W × D × H)1200 x 840 x 2150 mm
Interior Size(W × D × H)1080 x 730 x 745 mm
Maximum Opening520 mm
Fluorescent Lamp18 W x 1
Work Surface Height750 mm
Noise≤ 60 dB
Pipe Strap2 pcs
Power Supply220 V / 50 Hz; 220 V / 60 Hz; 110 V / 60 Hz
Power Consumption400 W
Package Size(WxDxH)1350 x 1120 x 1680 mm
Gross Weight253 kg
  • Ductless type of fumehoods
  • Microprocessor control system
  • Digital LED display
  • UV lamp for effective sterilization of working environment
  • 9 level adjustable air speed
  • Built-in centrifugal blower
  • Motorized front glass window
  • Carbon filter to remove toxic fumes
  • Can be customize with HEPA filter
  • Alarm function on filter reaching working time of 3500 hours
  • Chemically resistant phenolic resin work table
  • External material made up of cold rolled steel having anti-bacterial coating
  • Air velocity memory function in case of power failure
  • Backside air compensation avoiding turbulence in working area
  • Transparent side glass windows providing effective visual appearance of inner side
Ductless Fumehood is used for providing effective working environment for laboratory experiments in various fields of microbiology, chemical, biotechnology, research centres etc.
UV lamp × 2, Water tap × 1, Water sink × 1, LED fluorescent lamp × 1, Base cabinet × 1
2 Waterproof sockets: 500 W
4 meters PVC exhaust duct × 1
Pipe strap × 1
Gas tap × 1

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